Pinkoin is a crypto currency created out of the need to reduce the poverty rate. It does not operate like most common cryptos because there are certain persons known as exchanger that is dedicated to converting pinkoin to cash for users. There is Pinkoin exchanger in Nigeria.

To fully understand everything about Pinkoin exchanger in Nigeria, you need to know more about the exchange itself.

What do Pinkoin exchanger do?

Pinkoin exchanger in Nigeria and other countries have the same job and functions. There are Pinkoin exchangers and agents, so, don’t confuse them with one another.

While an agent works with an exchanger, he can only register people without the ability to activate their accounts.

An exchanger is a higher authority with more workload. He registers members, activates their accounts, and exchange their pinkoin for cash when necessary.

An exchanger gets paid for the services he renders by the company. He is capable of making up to N120,000 per day depending on how fast he trades.

Once you register as a pinkoin exchanger in Nigeria, Inksnation gives you N140,000 worth of digital currency out of which you will return N120,000 to the company.

As a pinkoin exchanger in Nigeria, when subscribers come to you, you will receive their fiat currency and transfer pinkoin of their money worth to their wallets.

This goes on and on and you keep making your gains.

Pinkoin Exchanger in Nigeria

1. Nwabuking                        Abia State              Verified
2. Anasbinmalik01                Adamawa State      Verified
3. Ubo Kingsley                    Akwa Ibom              Unverified
4. Sirjosh                              Anambra state         Verified
5. Muhdmuazu                     Bauchi state             Verified
6. loadedjeff                         Bayelsa state            Verified
7. Odang paul                      Benue state              Verified
8. Sams Kelly                      Edo state                   Verified
9. Josiah                              Ekiti state                  Verified
10. Eddy18A                        Abuja                         Verified
11. Ularamu                         Kaduna state             Verified
12. Atowoatomo                  Lagos state                Verified



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