Investing in a digital currency is not as important as storage. For the fun of it, you may pick any wallet you find convenient. However, a smart investor would pay more attention to whether or not to choose a paper wallet crypto or Ethereum, that is if such a person is interested in using a paper wallet.

Before we dive in, let’s explain what a paper wallet is

What is a paper wallet?

You may not understand the details of paper wallet crypto or Ethereum if you don’t know what a paper wallet is about. This is why it is pertinent to explain.

A wallet is a physical, online or software that provides storage for digital currencies. It is divided into two: cold wallet and hot wallet. Hot wallets are connected to the internet while cold wallets are not.

A paper wallet is an example of a cold wallet with details printed on paper.

Paper wallet crypto or Ethereum do not have the assets themselves on them, the private keys (let’s call that a password) that can be used to access the keys are printed on the paper. Once the paper is damaged or lost, that’s the end.

Let’s now dive into the main topic, paper wallet crypto or Ethereum: choosing the right wallet.

Paper wallet crypto explained

A paper wallet is an unconventional way of saving a large number of digital currencies. They became popular in the early years of Bitcoin’s invention.

Due to their availability offline, they can be used to store a large number of cryptocurrency for a very long time as they provide security against cyber and malware attacks.

What is paper wallet Ethereum?

Just like every other paper wallet, the Ethereum paper wallet gives you access to your Ethereum account. Let’s call this the relationship between your bank mobile app and your bank account; the app allows you to make transactions while the bank account your wealth sits on.

Ethereum wallets can be generated on MyEtherwallet which is a site that is dedicated to providing all forms of wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

What is best for you?

If you care so much about your coin storage, the question rolling on your mind would probably be “should I go for paper wallet crypto or Ethereum?.” You don’t have to stress your head over this, we’ve got you!

Note that any paper wallet that is coin-particular is most effective when used with that same token. That is, an Ethereum wallet is best used for storing Ethereum while a Bitcoin wallet is best used for saving Bitcoin.

If you are considering saving different types of digital currencies, in the same paper wallet, you may want to use a general paper wallet.

However, you can streamline by using paper wallet Ethereum if you want to store ETH.

Concluding on using paper wallet crypto or Ethereum is necessary depending on the type of coin that is
being stored in order to avoid loss of funds when site upgrading and other technical issues arise.



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