Student Coin is a form of payment system that is powered by Seratio which delivers automatic discount for students that applies for non-financial values to everyday transactions.

The founders aim to develop an app that can be used for everyday payment such as payment for everyday shopping as well as splitting of bills at outings.

Student Coin (STC) is an intervention coin. Think of it this way: students are interested in getting a better way to fund themselves rather than depend on bank loans while entrepreneurs are looking for ways to get funds for their banks apart from getting bank loans. STC was established to this end.

The coin was established with two basic aims: to allow students and business owners to create their own personal, corporate, DeFi and NFT tokens as easily as a social media profile is created. And to make the art of tokenization more decentralized by supporting knowledge and education about blockchain technology, DeFi and tokenomics.

How does Student Coin operate?

STC operates in a tripartite format. The first is the use of STC terminal that allows users to issue and
manage their own personal startup and DeFi tokens.

It allows them to develop their own token that can be created without any knowledge of programming knowledge. These tokens are built on Ethereum and they contain hard-coded and ecosystem-based utilities.

The STC terminal allows for the creation of the token with features that are in-built such as the communication panel, marketing activities, Twitter feed and utility management.

Secondly, the STC educational panel is tagged the ‘learn about token’ that educates users about Students Coin and blockchain technology, gain new users and promote the STC ecosystem.

The third is Trade Your Token which is the exchange platform of STC. This feature allows users to trade, crowdfund, and track all their personal startups and coin within the STC terminal. STC exchange is currently traded on Uniswap, coinTiger and waves exchange.

Student Coin ICO

STC can be purchased through its launchpad ICO. Users have the ability to join the launchpad and invest in the token. After purchase, the STC token will be sent to the user’s STC account.

Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies, the price of STC increases with each round up to around 100. The price of STC is around 91 with the price at $0.0162. More than $13,879,390 ICO has been raised out of $500k.

After joining the ICO, users get a chance to win 20% of ETH invested, 30% of STC purchased by their friends after providing such user’s reference link while the new investor will get 5% of the STC purchased.

There is the STC wallet that allows users to hold, swap, save, deposit and withdraw their token. The developers are still working on STC tokens.

According to the project website, founders claim they have more than 500 global institutions supporting Students Coin including Harvard University.


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