Before you begin to invest, it is important to understand what you are dealing with in order not to lose your money.

The asset is a resource with economic value owned by an individual, institution, company, or country with the hope that it would provide a monetary future benefit.

There are four main categories of assets: Equities, Fixed-income and debt, Money market and cash equivalents, Real estate, and tangible assets.

Equities (stocks) mean ownership

For instance, when you purchase shares in a company, you are purchasing ownership and it is also known as having equity in that particular company.

Each shareholder is entitled to a dividend that may be withdrawn or re-invested.

Fixed-income and Debt (Bonds)

this occurs when you lend out your money to a company, the money would generate interest which would be paid periodically while the capital will be paid when the term lapses ( also called maturity date).

Money Market and Cash

As the name suggests, this is a form of value that can be easily converted into money. This can include debit cards, vouchers, and bills.

However, one distinct thing about the money market and cash is that its value is not susceptible to changing the market price.

Real Estate and Tangible assets

These are assets that can be seen and touched. Land, livestock, and houses are the most common example of this.

While Gold and cryptocurrency have been defined as valuable assets, this definition of the tangible assets being what can be touched may not be applicable.

Global historical assets
Cryptocurrency is an initiative of Blockchain technology

There are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies across the globe. Cryptocurrency has experienced a massive increase since the beginning of 2021 which led critics to opine that it would soon crash totally.

The first established cryptocurrency, bitcoin, hit the market of $1Trn last week while other coins follow its trail.

Currently, cryptocurrency is a common investment amongst world-rich men and more than 200 billion bitcoin was reported to have been traded by Nigerians in January alone.

Gold is a metal that became a popular investment in the 70s

To invest in gold, you must get bullion gold bars which can easily be sold at major banks. It got recognized as valuable around 550BC in Lydia, current-day Turkey and since then, it has remained in the market.

The gold coin is currently being traded on online platforms. In 1861, the US paper currency was printed and the Gold Standard Act of 1900 established gold as the only metal for redeeming paper currency.

If this is recognized by other countries, gold may yet be the best asset as it can not only be exchanged for money, it is also used as accessories like necklaces, earrings, and watches.

Japanese Equities is equity made possible by Japanese governments in their undervalued stocks

Investors are allowed to buy shares in a company with long-term growth and competitiveness.

Only companies that are verified by the Angel Japan Asset Management team are eligible for enrolment on the list of Japanese equities.

People from various quarters think that this practice is one of the reasons why Japan is the third-largest economy in the world.

Chinese Equity is the stock shares of mainland China-based companies

It allows interested  investors to buy shares in companies with certified growth. It was reported by Global Times on Jan 11 that the Chinese equity experienced a bull run as a form of resilience against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Relationship with the current trend of crypto

Analysis of other world-recognized assets became pertinent due to the daily increase in pessimism that cryptocurrency is unsustainable.

This is not true as assets are expected to appreciate even though they might take longer.

With the number of institutional investments and attention cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin is currently gaining, crypto is set for the moon.

The price may dip, but it cannot stop being in existence. While experts think that bitcoin will replace gold as a tangible asset, other assets may come into existence in the future, it will only unseat cryptocurrency, not eradicate it.

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