Luno is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform rebranded in 2017 to further execute the reasons for which it was established.

As part of its dedication to the creation of crypto jobs, Luno has opened recruitment for the position of Business Analyst to be responsible for evaluating Luno’s business procedures to look for opportunities for the companies improvement and to ensure effective day-to-day activities of the company.

Luno has more than 200 employees (40% females) from 26 nations across South Africa, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore.


The crypto job is based on the role of being a Continuous Improvement Analyst who will be responsible for the following:

1.To provide in-depth analysis of processes through assessment of processes, policies and workflows in line with the company’s framework.
2.To create controls in situations where a gap is identified.
3.Provide recommendations for opportunities that exist within operating processes with an aim to reduce friction and eliminate unnecessary steps.
4.Provide necessary support for team members by implementing improvements.
5.The documentation, update and maintenance of process flow in departments through visual process flows.
6.Ability to identify issues within the company’s processes by using its risk analysis tools.
7.Creation of metrics for processes to determine trends in improvements.
8.Provide analysis for the identified risk against the proper function of the company.


Interested applicant must have the following:

1.Attention to details and effective collaboration skill.
2.Must be willing to improve without a mindset of accepting the status quo.
3.Ability to plan and organize his works.
4.Ability to create sophisticating business and technical specification documents with qualities for effective communications with stakeholders.
5.Proficient in frameworks such as FMEA, DMAIC, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen and its equivalents.

To apply visit here 

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