Apart from being a crypto investor, if you are a Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Engineer or any other profession that requires skill, you’d have come through some jargon/technical terms that are only known to those in the armed.

Jargons are technical terms used by certain groups of people.

Jargons are not unknown to the crypto world. A beginner may be lost in conversation with a more experienced investor due to the jargon and the latter might include in the conversation.

To avoid such, this article will help you to understand the 6 most important crypto jargon every investor must know.


This is the most commonly used jargon in crypto. There are jokes that Hodl means “hold on to dear lives” while this may seem to be correct, it is not the real meaning.

Hodl is a drunken misspelled version of “hold.” You still don’t understand how the to letters exchange position? read on.

About 7years ago, during Bitcointalk Forum, a crypto enthusiast, Game Kyuubi, explained a trading decision he made in 2013 during price volatility.

While explaining how he escaped from the volatility unscathed, he mistakenly spelled ‘hold’ as ‘hodl’ in his post.

The post read “I am hodling” although he added a caveat at the end of his post that he had been drinking, he wrote the title twice and he knew something was still wrong with it.

He explained that the act of “hodling” enables him to earn more because he doesn’t sell when others do so.

While the misspelled word was a joke or mistake made under the infinfluence of alcohol, the word soon found its way into the crypto world with memes and Gifs representing it.

To date, the holding has become a jargon of crypto investors who use the term to advisholdingrs not to sell their coin when the market experience the highest level of volatility.

According to GameKyuubi, experienced traders will only take your money when you sell during this period.


Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubts. This occurs when the market experience eats volatility. It occurs when prices begin a downward spiral at any point.

When this occurs, the best thing to do is to hodl while holdling for the next drip when prices increase.


This jargon arose from the digital gaming world to denote an investor that has made a huge loss.

It simply means “wrecked.” When an investor sells at a lower price or without making a significant profit, such a person will be said to be ‘rekt.’

This is why it better to hodl when FUD sets in.

Stacking Sats

Sats refers to the smallest amount of Bitcoin like 0.00000001 BTC. It can be gotten through buying, earning or mining.

The term was named after groups of people that invested in BTC under the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto.

When bits of the stack are stored to increase value, this is called “stacking sats”


This is a long-term holder or big-time investor in Bitcoin. When such a person buys or sells, it affects market price either positively or negatively.

A whale has a significant amount of digital currency that is hard to beat by others.

To the moon

This jargon is a pessimistic view of the price of crypto. When a particular coin is set for the moon, the price is expected to increase sporadically.

This period is usually enjoyed by most investors as it is the best time for them to cash out.

Do you still remember Elon Musk’s Dogecoin “To the moon” tweet and its effect on the price of the coin?


Now that you’ve leaped by knowing more about your investment, you can start stacking Sats, from today, if you hope to be Whale someday.

However, to avoid being rekt, don’t forget to hodl whenever there is FUD so that you can sell when price starts moving to the moon.

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